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2013 Sea Turtle Index: 120 Sea Turtle Nests - 152 false crawl


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2014 Native Plant Sale supports Land Preservation and the Smith Island Land Trust!

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Along with the worms and flies we also see Ibis and painted buntings! Enjoy!

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Non-Lethal Deer Project Recap 3-7-2014

The second round of Bald Head Island's Deer Management Project has come to a close.  Unfortunately, the windy, rainy conditions  kept the team out of the field last night.  During the week-long project, the team successfully captured and vaccinated ten adult does - bringing the overall total to eighteen does on the island that have received the GonaCon treatment.

The BHI Conservancy and project partners will regroup next week to debrief and discuss plans moving forward.  We will also summarize the data that has been collected as part of this project and share pictures taken in the field and with the wildlife cameras.

This project could not be done without the support of numerous project partners including the US Department of Agriculture, the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, White Buffalo, Inc., the Village of Bald Head Island, BHI Limited, the Bald Head Association, the BHI Club, and Friends of Deer.  The BHI Conservancy is grateful to the Bald Head Island community for their support, and we look forward to sharing the data and other information collected as part of this project.

If you have questions or would like additional information on this project, please contact the BHI Conservancy's Director of Conservation, Nicki Dardinger, at

We would like to thank Wendy Wilmot Properties and Virginia Oliver for their generosity in loaning us 6-seater golf carts so that we may be able to do this project!

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• BHI Conservancy launches North Carolina's first non-lethal deer management project using immuno-contraception. Click here to go to Deer page!

Click here for more information on project protocol and here for a recent article on the project.


We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for our 2014 summer education programs. Our program menu has expanded to include programs like new dissections, speciality workshops, an overnight camp option, and favorites like Touch Tank Time, Turtle Walk, Turtle Trot Fun Run, and Bald Head After Dark!  Click Here to register. Click to learn about our hands-on summer camp curriculum, new early drop-off option, and camp kayak day schedule. Click Here to renew your membership for 2014. Please feel free to call our Information Center at (910) 338-0911 if you would like to register over the phone.  

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• The 2014 BHI Communication Directories AND 2014 BHI Calendars are in stock and on sale at Turtle Central!!! Come get yours!

• NCBIWA Conference attendees: Click here for a report on the economic value of sea turtles on BHI

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