Thad Wester Fishing School

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Join us in September 2015 for our next "semester!" The Conservancy’s Fishing School began in 1983 and continues to generate great enthusiasm for fishing from beginners and seasoned pros alike. Now in its 31st year, the Fishing School offers a format that is as educational as it is enjoyable. 

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Fishing School

Adults $275

Children 9 - 12 yrs. $125

Participants may bring guests to the Friday social ($20/person) & Saturday dinner ($25/person). Please make reservations.

"The teachers were great and I learned a lot even though I have fished all my life.  The interns did a wonderful job.  The lunch and, socials and dinner were great. What a great event and way to meet people!!" —Brady Anderson

Annual Fund for the Environment

The Annual Fund underwrites all of the conservation efforts provided to the community of BHI including the sea turtle protection program, invasive species and dune monitoring, forest and land conservation, creek water quality monitoring, freshwater aquifer monitoring, wildlife surveys, wildlife emergency response and timely research projects to address emerging issues.

We need your support to continue to fulfill the community’s vision to live in harmony with nature. Please help conserve and protect our environmental resources for all our families to continue enjoying the restorative, peaceful sanctuary that is Bald Head Island.

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