Alligator Safety


The Village of BHI and the BHI Conservancy would like to remind everyone to NEVER feed an alligator for several reasons:
•  They may mistake you for food
•  They can become too desensitized to humans, which may result in closer contact with humans and possible attack

A $500.00 fine will be issued to anyone found feeding or harassing alligators.  

as prohibited in the Village Code of Ordinances Sec. 4-501, Item (a).  This is the maximum fine tht could be issued as a Class 3 misdemeanor or a civil citation in the amount of $50.00.

If you see someone feeding or harassing alligators, please call Public Safety at 910-457-5252


To live in harmony with nature, we must coexist with native inhabitants. American alligators inhabit the system of golf course lagoons and other freshwater ponds around Bald Head Island. The American alligator is the largest reptile in North Carolina, a formidable predator and listed as threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Alligators are an extremely important part of the BHI ecosystem, are considered a keystone species, and essential to the integrity and stability of a  our ecosystem.
It is extremely important that alligators should never be fed. In addition to this being a Village ordinance and state and federal laws, alligators lose their natural fear of humans when fed. Alligators that are fed are more likely to attack humans and pets thus need to be destroyed.
Residents and visitors to Bald Head Island must use good judgment to prevent unwanted interactions with alligators. Unattended pets, children or even careless or unintended behavior by adults around alligators and their habitats can lead to dangerous encounters. Do not allow children or pets near the edge of freshwater ponds as alligators can jump 4’ vertically out of the water. Observe alligators from a safe distance; never get closer than 20 feet to an alligator. If you suspect an alligator is being fed, harassed or is acting in an aggressive manner, please contact the BHI Conservancy or Public Safety and report the incident.
Learning about how the alligator’s lifestyle on BHI will allow alligators and people safely coexist on Bald Head. By observing from afar, and by not habituating these animals to humans, but mostly NEVER FEEDING we can safely keep alligators as an interesting and important part of Bald Head Island’s unique environment.