Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field
Brooke Milligan, Director of Conservation

In October, the Bald Head Island Conservancy and the Village of Bald Head Island initiated a new study examining siltation in Bald Head Creek. The study will include analyses of chemical and physical characteristics of creek sediments from the mouth to headwaters, with a focus on shoaling locales. The BHI Conservancy will be collaborating with NC State University scientists, utilizing NCSU facilities and staff for analyses of the sediment characteristics.

Over the past month, BHI Conservancy staff members have spent numerous hours in the creek at varying tides evaluating potential sampling sites; invaluable information was also gathered from community members who have a long history with the creek. The first sampling event took place on October 26 with Chris Shank and Brooke Milligan collecting samples at five selected sites along a transect from creek headwaters to the creek mouth. Triplicate sediment core samples were obtained using a ponar grab sampler borrowed from Dr. Chris Osburn, a research partner at NC State University. A total of 15 samples were collected with three collected per site. It was a full day of hard work and also a very successful adventure!
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