World Sea Turtle Day Celebration

World Sea Turtle Day was created to celebrate who some believe was the “Father of Sea Turtle Biology,” Dr. Archie Carr, whose birthday was June 16th.  Each year across the world, thousands gather on this day to celebrate the magnificent creatures who have been on in existence for millions of years.  
The Bald Head Island Conservancy will celebrate this occasion on Wednesday, June 19th. We are planning an on-campus party for World Sea Turtle Day to celebrate these beautiful animals who visit the island every summer to nest.
The Conservancy will kick off our festivities with our weekly Turtle Trot at 9:30 am, followed by a new event, a one-mile family fun run.  The full celebration resumes on campus at 1 PM.
The purpose of the celebration aligns with the Conservancy’s mission; Education, Conservation and Preservation.  A number of family-friendly activities are planned with the main goal of educating our visitors about the many things that we do at the Conservancy, with the focus being our Sea Turtle Protection Program.  Dating back to our founding in 1983, the Conservancy has run this program every summer to help assist the turtles who nest on our island.
Join the Conservancy for a number of fun activities ranging from face painting, games, story time and crafts.  Several interactive booths will be set up to give families a hands-on experience to learn how to become a sea turtle scientist.  In addition guests will be able to excavate a play sea turtle in our sand box or dress up like a Conservancy Scientist and hop into one of our UTV’s.
Parents will also enjoy a number of activities, such as our silent auction of items made from recycled materials, our fashion show at Turtle Central and even a wine tasting of Sea Turtle Label wines.  We hope you join us for this event!  

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