Progressive Feast for the Eyes

Progressive Feast for the Eyes” a jointsolo show of Janette K Hopper’s art featuring oil paintings and masks inspired by the dunes, forest and beaches of Bald Head Island and with mixed media images of Bald Head Island sea turtles.   

The show will be open during June, July and August 2019 at the Bald Head Island Conservancy and All About Art Gallery. 

 A reception will be held Tuesday July 16that the BHI Conservancy from 3 to 5PM with the artist and staff from BHIC and at All About Art Gallery from 5 to 7PM with the artist.  Refreshment will be provided at the All About Art Gallery.
Janette K. Hopper came to North Carolina to serve as Chair of the University of North Carolina, Pembroke, Art Department and when as Full Professor of Art, she retired from teaching, she moved to Wilmington, North Carolina to be a full-time professional artist. It is here where she has developed collaborating exhibits between artist and scientists and volunteers for the environment. Her new project is a collaboration between herself and the Bald Head Island Conservancy and the All About Art gallery on Bald Head Island.

The exhibit is named “Progressive Feast for the Eyes” as we all hope that everyone will visit both of these fine places when they come to Bald Head Island that are dually supporting art and science. Already installed at the upstairs meeting room at Bald Head Conservancy are 2 masks made from natural materials gathered on the island. The masks have no mouths as we must speak up for nature. Janette Hopper has made over 30 masks in the last 2+ years. Each one is a unique work of art inspired by the materials and the ideas that they generate.  Installed in the lab area at BHIC is a work that relies on mixed media printing methods. Beginning with a monoprint of the hatching of baby turtles the artist has cut out her handmade prints of baby turtles. Over 100 of these small turtles are crawling around the wall of the lab and onto the opposite wall where they find a print representing the ocean water they are seeking. Also, on exhibit are an oil painting of the dunes and of the maritime forest.  Assistant director, Poul Lindegaard, has been working with Janette on this project because he believes the collaboration between artist, conservancy and gallery will encourage more people to visit and support the conservancy.  We are both writing about the art. He from the point of view of science and the artist from her point of view. Staff will be present Tuesday July 16thfrom 3 to 5PM on July 16 to talk about the dunes, turtles, and forest at the same time that the artist will be present to meet visitors. 

Progressing from the BHIC, the island visitors and friends and families who live there can see a large exhibit of paintings, turtle prints and masks at All About Art. Jana Cruseis excited and is already giving sneak previews of the beautiful art that the island inspired Janette Hopper to make. Jana is the director and owner of All About Art and offers beautiful original paintings, classes and impressive crafts and jewelry. She will host the reception for Progressive Feast for the Eyes at All About Art Tuesday July 16thfrom 5 to 7PM where the patrons and friends can meet the artist. Many of the paintings were painted on location. The oil paintings take you to these special places with gestural paint strokes, a variety of color palettes that the artist observed and amazing light and luminosity that she develops in her oil paintings.  Also, on display are sea turtle prints combining linocuts with mixed media, pastel drawings of Middle Island and original masks all made by the artist.  The artist wants to thank All About Art and Bald Head Island Conservancy for showing her work and supporting the arts and the environment always. 

For further information about the exhibit at All About Art Gallery contact Jana at 910-368-5336 or visit the gallery’s website at  

Information about the Bald Head Island Conservancy may be obtained by contacting them at 910-457-0089 or visiting their website at  

The artist may be contacted directly at /Blog/285902/ or 910-827-2557.
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