Hurricane Dorian Aftermath

Hurricane Dorian Aftermath

Thankfully, Hurricane Dorian, was kinder to Bald Head Island than Hurricane Florence in 2018.  We had minimal damage to our campus (see photos below) and the island seemed to survive the storm pretty well.

As for our sea turtles, we are not digging up the eggs, but we are re-marking nest locations and uncovering those that had been washed over or covered in sand in the king tide prior to the hurricane, or in the hurricane itself. 
We will wait until the nests are ready to hatch before fully assessing nest success, so won’t know how many nests were lost to the hurricane until mid-October.  Once we know, we will share those results with everyone.

If you see any hatchlings on the beach or a nest hatching, please contact us immediately at 910-457-0089 ext. 5

For more great photos of the island during/after the storm, follow @villagebhi on Instagram
Bald Head Island Weather Station - Hurricane Dorian
Data from NC Climate Office, Station BALD

Hurricane Dorian passed slightly to the east of Bald Head Island on 9/5/19 - 9/6/19. Lowest atmospheric pressure was on 973 mb on 9/5/19 at 8 pm. Maximum hourly wind speed was 36 mph at the same time. The maximum wind gust was 46 mph at 7 pm. Bands of rain passed through the area for over a day, 9/5/19-9/6/19. The total rainfall on BHI for Hurricane Dorian was 4.45 inches.



Our staff re-marking sea turtle nests

Rough sand and beach from Hurricane Dorian

A few branches down on our campus

A branch fell outside our classroom.

Only one dorm window blew out during the storm

Dorm window from the inside
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