Element of Hope

Element Hope was founded by a team of SCUBA divers, marine product developers and avid boaters who have spent years exploring the east coast by boat. Twenty years ago, the founding group took their first visit to Bald Head, North Carolina together, where they were captivated by the natural shoreline and sea life. But most of all, they treasured the hours they spent through the night, watching turtle nests, all in the hopes of being able to guide a baby turtle safely to sea. That fascination with sea turtles has led to the founding of Element Hope, which works to support all marine life by sponsoring the development of innovative technology, establishing marine educational curriculums, and overall increasing awareness of the importance of marine conservation. 

Element Hope’s efforts have already made a significant impact on Bald Head, North Carolina. In Bald Head, Element Hope is working to roll out breakthrough new technology, which will help monitor and protect sea turtle nests. The organization is also sponsoring the development of a Virtual Reality educational program that’s being developed by the Bald Head Island Conservancy in partnership with the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Additionally, an Element Hope grant has allowed internships at the Bald Head Island Conservancy to be extended from 4 to 10 months, which allows interns to work on more impactful projects. As Element Hope continues to grow, they will be developing more technology, educational programs, and will be pursuing various partnerships with conservation organizations. 

Element Hope was founded in an attempt to give back to the ocean for all that it has given the founders. To learn more about their work or to see how you can support the organization’s efforts, visit https://www.elementhope.org/.
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