Adopt-A's make the perfect holiday gift!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? From now until the New Year, we are offering special holiday edition turtles. These can make the perfect gift for those who share a passion for Bald Head, sea turtles and the Conservancy. Adopt-a-nests and Adopt-a-moms purchased now will be first in line for the 2020 sea turtle season! 

What are adopt-a-nests and adopt-a-moms? For $150 when you adopt a nest, as the adoptive parent you will receive an adorable 8” plush turtle, adoption certificate, sign with your name to be placed on the cage, updates on births, hatchings, success of the nest and an exclusive invite to the nest excavation. 

For $500 when you adopt a mom, as the adoptive parent you will receive an even more adorable 12” plush turtle, adoption certificate for the mother sea turtle and all of her nests, a sign with your name to be placed on every nest the mother lays, certificate with the mother’s measurements and information, updates on births, hatchings, two turtle walk passes  and success for every nest and exclusive invites to every nest excavation. 

More information about the adopt-as and to see what else Turtle Central and the Conservancy has to offer this holiday season please click the link below.

Be sure to order your adopt-a by December 15th to ensure you receive it in time for your holidays.

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