Notes from the Classroom - February 2020

Did you know that we have yellow-bellied sliders at the Conservancy? This month we wanted to take some time and highlight them by sharing a few fun facts with you: 
  • Yellow-bellied sliders are named for the bright yellow stripes on their appendages, their bright yellow plastron, and their tendency to slide off of logs and rocks when they are disturbed
  • Yellow-bellied sliders are mainly carnivorous when young, but become more omnivorous as they age
  • Females may travel over one kilometer (0.62 miles) to find a suitable nesting spot
  • They can live for more than twenty-five years
  • Like most reptiles, their size is dependent on how much they eat rather than their age
  • Male yellow-bellied sliders grow to about eight inches, but females are larger and often reach lengths of about eleven inches
  • Male sliders use their long fingernails to convince females to mate with them
Interested in learning more? Swing by the Conservancy and visit our resident yellow-bellied sliders in person, or register for our Reptile Roundup program for a more in-depth learning experience!
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