Notes from the Classroom - March 2020

With Spring Break right around the corner, we wanted to highlight our Conservancy Camp program! This unique program, which is catered to children ages 6-11, is offered during many North Carolina schools spring break weeks. This is a perfect way for children to experience the warm weather, explore outside, and connect with nature!

Each day has its own special theme! On Monday, with the theme being Anim-olympics, campers will visit the beach and also participate in activities that will focus on the crazy adaptations animals and plants have. Tuesday is Grossology, and on this day campers will head to the salt marsh in order to learn about the grossest, yet highly intriguing and fun, biology facts. On the third and final day, Wednesday, the theme will be Conservancy Scene Investigation and campers will put their investigative skills to the test in the maritime forest. Secure your child’s spot today by registering at 
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