Introducing the 2020 BHI Photo Book!

Missing Bald Head Island? 

Presenting to you, a 2020 Bald Head Island photo book! Inspired by the beauty of BHI, this original collection of photos by the Bald Head Island community will have you dreaming of your next visit! For those missing the island a little extra this year, this is the perfect piece for your home. What a thoughtful gift for friends and family, too! Be sure to place your order at Turtle Central or online at

My name is Olivia Thomas, and I am a development, marketing, and retail intern at the Bald Head Island Conservancy this summer. This past spring as my fourth semester of college was nearing an end, I was becoming more and more excited to start my internship on Bald Head Island. Although I am a business minded individual - studying marketing and taking on development positions, there has always been a special place in my heart for environmental conservation and protection. During my summer on the island, I wanted to leave a mark on BHI and the Conservancy. 

Upon realizing the potential dangers and uncertainty of COVID-19, I was no longer able to come to Bald Head Island this summer, and thus became the Conservancy’s first ever “virtual intern!” Although I was not going to physically be on the island this summer, that did not eliminate my goal of leaving a mark on the community. 

With the help of my supervisors, I came up with a fundraising plan for the Conservancy where I would create a collection of photos taken by the BHI community. The idea stemmed from the possibility that many, including myself, would not be able to make it to the island this summer, and this book would serve as a wonderful reminder of a very special place. Though I have never been to Bald Head Island, I have experienced its magical beauty over the past few weeks through all of you who made this possible by sharing your photos. I have seen what perfect moments and special memories have been created here with family and friends, and it is clear that this community is like no other. I imagine one day visiting Bald Head Island with my own family and watching the Milky Way appear in the clear night sky.

I hope that this collection of photos will inspire future generations to protect and preserve the natural beauty of this barrier island. Thank you, BHI community, for contributing your beautiful photos. All proceeds from this book benefit the Bald Head Island Conservancy, including our nationally recognized Sea Turtle Protection Program. Enjoy!
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