Lifetime Membership

First and foremost, we would like to welcome new lifetime members of the Bald Head Island Conservancy family - Trish and John Healy. They were immediately drawn to the natural beauty of the island - a maritime forest along with miles of sand without any traffic. Like many visitors coming to the Bald Head, they heard the Conservancy was worth the visit. The Healy’s attended a turtle walk, checked out the touch tank with a bunch of kids, ran the turtle-trot, and the rest is history as they say. 

Trish recently joined the board at the Conservancy. As she puts it - “We are on Earth to serve and being part of the community at Bald Head means giving back.” From this, becoming a lifetime member seemed like a natural progression, to help support the Conservancy’s mission to Discover, Learn, Conserve, and Preserve. John stated “ becoming a lifetime member was a step in legacy work - as the monies go to the endowment, hopefully ensuring that 50 years from now our island remains as beautiful as it is today.” 

When asked about their favorite thing that the Conservancy does, the Healy’s pointed toward the internship program that mentors and guides budding marine biologists and conservation leaders. They also noted the awareness the Conservancy brings to the plights and trials of our environment and wildlife through our educational programs and research. Lastly, the Healy's noted that you can’t forget the turtles! As they put it - “seeing a nest boil or going to an excavation is watching a miracle happen.” 

To become a lifetime member visit -

For our current lifetime members we will be hosting a virtual town hall on October 1, stay tuned for details. 
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