Sponsor Spotlight - November 2020

Sponsor Spotlight: Clean Breathing Restoration Inc, Silver Sponsor
Clean Breathing Restoration Inc has been servicing homes and businesses on Bald Head Island since 2005 with restoration and remediation needs. What began as mold remediation only has now expanded into a full service team that does windows, drywall, crawlspaces, and demolition. Clean Breathing’s overall desire is to make Bald Head Island inhabitants “safe” in their homes, and that includes the Bald Head Island Conservancy. With the raging wind/rain of Hurricane Florence back in 2018, many homes and businesses were adversely affected by mold growth. This was caused, in part, by water intrusion and lack of air circulation in many BHI homes and businesses. Mold growth seems to be very prevalent on Bald Head Island, for several reasons, although water intrusion seems to be the biggest one. Water gets into a closed up house with no air circulation and the spores will cultivate. They recommend:
  1. Run fans on a timer/thermostat in your attic space or living space especially when you are away.
  2. Check underneath and inside your home to make sure that water has not gotten in. Remember: Water leak = mold eventually.
  3. UV lights work great to kill spores in your HVAC system.
  4. Make sure that you only use pleated filters in your HVAC returns.
Clean Breathing offers a “Peace of Mind'' maintenance check for filter changes and HVAC anti-microbial treatments. You can call them at 910-664-6466 to schedule your service today!
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