The Department of Public Safety’s Fundraiser for the Conservancy

We want to thank the Department of Public Safety for their support! The members of the Department of Public Safety agreed to forgo shaving to participate in “No Shave November” and donate money normally spent on shaving and/or grooming to a charity. They selected the Bald Head Island Conservancy because they believe in the our mission to Discover, Learn, Conserve and Preserve, and because they wanted the donations to remain on the island. The following members participated:
  • Steve Barger
  • Clay Brendle
  • Brandon Fuller
  • Josh Gibson
  • Brannon Gray
  • Paul Homick
  • Charlie Hylton
  • Alan May
  • Ivan Rodbell
  • Dustin Shaw
  • Chip Sudderth
  • Paul Swanson
Are you interested in supporting the Conservancy? Click here to learn how you can help!
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