Notes from the Field - February 2021

Bald Head Island is home to a variety of wildlife from the reptiles in our freshwater ponds to a myriad of birds in our skies. As a conservation-minded community, our vision is to live in harmony with nature, and as such we strive to help all wildlife in need. In 2020 alone, the Conservancy assisted 79 individual animals throughout Bald Head Island and a total of 35 different species. We received the most wildlife calls during the summer where injured wildlife was more commonly found along beaches, particularly South Beach. Birds and sea turtles were assisted the most out of all species on the island (37 birds and 13 sea turtles) and 15 birds were given medical care at local wildlife shelters in Southport, NC. A total of 75 hours and 3 minutes were spent responding to and providing aid to wildlife in need on Bald Head Island. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Conservancy was off-island for the month of April. As a result, some wildlife responses were not recorded throughout the year and these numbers are very conservative.
The Conservancy is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Bald Head Island’s wildlife and would like to ask for the island residents’ help in our cause by informing us if you see an animal physically injured, acting strange, or out of its natural habitat. Please call:

910-457-0089 OPTION 5

Please do not touch the wildlife.
Wildlife can transmit diseases.

Be sure to leave a voicemail, so we can return your call ASAP

Wildlife Response Hotspots
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