Bird of the Month - April 2021

Wilson’s Plovers are a species of special concern in North Carolina. Over the years, their numbers have been declining. Wilson’s Plover utilizes the terminal groin and West Beach areas of Bald Head Island for nesting during the late spring and summer months. There are protective postings that are put up in these areas to give the birds a large and safe place to nest and raise their chicks. We encourage people and their pets to respect these postings and to keep out of these areas whenever possible. We hope everyone will join us and #SharetheShore with these little birds.

Every month we are highlighting a bird species that can be found on Bald Head Island. Through our partnership with Lew Wilson Art, new prints and ornaments that showcase the featured bird are available to purchase monthly. A portion of proceeds will help to benefit our mission. Collect all 12 of the birds, and receive a free print of the collection from Lew Wilson Art at the end of the year! To purchase this month's artwork, visit:
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