Bird of the Month - May 2021

Painted Buntings are a striking and colorful bird with blue, red, and green plumage. On Bald Head Island, their breeding season is during late spring through summer. The male and females will both look for a suitable area to nest, usually an area with dense foliage. The female Bunting will build a well-constructed nest in about 2 days! She will weave a nest using small twigs, leaves, weed stems, grasses, etc. She will then lay about 3-4 eggs. Chicks will hatch within 11-12 days after laying. 

These birds have a very unique and high-pitched call during the summer. At the Conservancy, we tend to call them R2-D2’s cousin!  Keep an eye out for these striking birds during your visits to BHI!

Every month we are highlighting a bird species that can be found on Bald Head Island. Through our partnership with Lew Wilson Art, new prints and ornaments that showcase the featured bird are available to purchase monthly. A portion of proceeds will help to benefit our mission. Collect all 12 of the birds, and receive a free print of the collection from Lew Wilson Art at the end of the year! To purchase this month's artwork, visit:
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