Beach Lighting & Excavation Update

On behalf of the Sea Turtle Protection Team here at the BHI Conservancy, I wanted to personally send out a resounding THANK YOU to the entire island for responding to our call for action last weekend. After we posted about keeping our beaches dark, they are the darkest they have been all season! There have been ZERO problems with mis-oriented hatchlings, and all have made it safely to the water! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to island residents, visitors & stakeholders who shared and discussed this with fellow islanders! Let’s continue to keep the beaches dark as we will have nests hatching through the end of October.
I also wanted to touch base with everyone about 2021 nest excavations. We are getting a lot of questions about when and where they are going to happen and why the schedule isn’t posted. Unfortunately, due to the on-going pandemic, we are unable to share the times and locations of all excavations for the 2021 season. If you see the Turtle Team on the beach, please feel free to approach us and ask what we are up to! 
Thank you to everyone for the continued support and enthusiasm for our endangered, magical and beloved sea turtles! We could not conduct the work we do without the support of our fantastic island community!

- Paul Hillbrand, Sea Turtle Program Coordinator
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