Notes from the Classroom - September 2021

Kaitlin O’Toole and Molly Manning were Bald Head Island Conservancy Interns in 2010, Kaitlin worked in Conservation and Education, while Molly worked on the Sea Turtle Team.  Eleven years later, they returned to our campus, this time as supporters and they took a trip down memory lane.

“We were here the year of the leatherback,” said Kaitlin.  “The only time one has been on Bald Head Island.”  Kaitlin recalls getting a walkie talkie alert from the team and heading to the beach for the once in a lifetime experience.  

“We woke everybody up,” adds Molly.  “There happened to be a family that also hung around and were lucky enough to see it!”

Today the two continue to communicate, nowadays via Zoom, with several other members of the 2010 intern crew.  They continue to keep in touch with the interns from their summer, most of which have continued along the career path that began at the Conservancy.

Kaitlin went on to work as a Scuba diver for Ripley’s and continued her educational work with Disney. Today she’s a Development associate at the NC museum of Natural sciences.

Molly, originally from South Dakota, had never seen the Ocean before her trip to Bald Head.  After her time on the island, she moved on to Vet Tech School and today works for Zoetis, an animal pharmaceutical company in Lincoln Nebraska.

Their trip back to the island included a shopping trip at Turtle Central, an experience they won through our July 4 th auction.  Kaitlin and her mother have purchased this particular July 4th item for the past two years, showing their continued support for the Bald Head Island Conservancy, a place they have both continued to love.

“There are so many good memories,” says Molly.  It was a “really good summer."
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