Bird of the Month - September 2021

Tri-colored Herons on BHI forage for small fish in the marshes. They are skilled at stalking, chasing, and standing-and-waiting to capture their prey. Their foraging style is generally more jittery and active than some other herons as they may make attempts in chasing after fish with flapping wings!  Tri-colored Herons look similar to Little Blue Herons and Great Blue Herons. A good way to distinguish between these birds is that Tri-colored Herons have a white stripe that runs down their neck and a white belly. Little Blue Herons will have blueish necks and bellies. Further, Great Blue Herons are overall a paler blue color and are very large compared to Tri-colored and Little Blue Herons.

Every month we are highlighting a bird species that can be found on Bald Head Island. Through our partnership with Lew Wilson Art, new prints and ornaments that showcase the featured bird are available to purchase monthly. A portion of proceeds will help to benefit our mission. Collect all 12 of the birds, and receive a free print of the collection from Lew Wilson Art at the end of the year! To purchase this month's artwork, visit:
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