Sponsor Spotlight - November 2021

Project Works arrived on the island in 1998 and has been working exclusively here, providing timely repairs, customer-based remodeling, and custom renovations.
Over the years they have grown into a full-time island business based on dependable service and a solid reputation – and they plan to keep it that way.
The Conservancy and Project Works have worked together for many years.  Most recently replacing the cedar shakes on the dorm and installing new granite countertops and cabinets in our new updated kitchen. New projects are on tap for this upcoming year.
Projects Works is a sponsor of the Conservancy, because of the hard work the Conservancy does for the island, because as owner Fred McWhorter says, The BHI Conservancy is a “positive entity on the island.”
To learn more about Project Works, visit http://www.projectworksbhi.net/
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