Race Recap: Badwater Cape Fear 2022

Photo by Robert Lee
*Cover by Robert Lee

Every year over 120 people from all over the world come to Bald Head Island to participate in the Badwater Cape Fear race, a 50K and 51 mile competition that brings new and repeat runners to our island every spring.  The tradition has become very popular with islanders who come out each year to cheer on the participants as they race throughout our Wynds, then between the sandy beaches of the Shoals all the way to Fort Fisher and back.

Race creator and director Chris Kostman chose Bald Head because of unique qualities.

“I love taking people to places they wouldn’t normally go to, and Bald Head Island is a beautiful, unusual, special place,” says Kostman. “The wide variety of ecosystems on the island are just fascinating. It’s a microcosm of the world, and so I designed the race route to showcase everything the island has to offer.   Also, the locals and Village employees have really embraced us and our event and we appreciate their support.”

In return, Badwater participants and Kostman’s AdventureCorps organization continue to give back their support, to date over $120,000 has been donated to the Bald Head Island Conservancy.

“The support of Chris Kostman and race participants has had a huge impact on the Conservancy,” says the Conservancy’s Chief Development Officer, Melissa Blackmon.  “Our team always enjoys hosting participants at the Conservancy and cheering them on!”
Kostman chose to partner with the Conservancy for many reasons, including his support of our mission.

“I’m an environmentalist, ocean lover, and clean water advocate, and our organization is a proud member of One Percent For The Planet and the Conservation Alliance. Everything that the Conservancy does - from conservation to preservation to education - is vitally important.”  Kostman enjoys working with island residents, the Conservancy’s team and interns who continue to welcome him and Badwaters guests, each year.  

In fact, this year, one of the Conservancy's interns, Adelle Schubarg joined in on the fun, by participating and placing second in the 50K competition.
BHIC education intern, Adelle Schubarg, running the race route
“There was an overwhelming level of support and encouragement surrounding the race which I did not expect. Fellow runners would wave at you during the race, shout words of encouragement, and cheer you on. This was especially helpful during the beach part of the race. Seeing the other runners kept me going and I cheered others on in return,” said Adelle.

Kostman adds, “My hat is off to everyone at the Conservancy, the board, the leadership, the staff, the interns, just everyone; they are fabulous.”  Hats of Chris to Kostman for continuing his outstanding support!
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