Coopers Hawk Released

A Cooper's Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) was found trapped in a screen porch last week. The hawk had been trapped there for days and was extremely dehydrated. Tracey Ritchie, BHIC's Director of Education, transported the bird to the Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter. After mice, fluids, and an overall check, the hawk was rejuvenated! BHIC staff released the hawk over the weekend. Look for this beautiful bird darting through the maritime forest's thick canopy at amazing speeds! Thanks so much to our astute island residents and the Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter. To learn more about birds, join BHIC naturalists every Monday morning from 9am-11am for our Birding BHI program! This is a great time of year to see migrating birds that are only here for a short time! For more information or to register, please call (910) 338-0930.

To see a picture of the rehabilitated hawk, please visit our Facebook page: BHI Conservancy

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