Currents: A Jolly Holiday!

Things you may have missed.

Picture of the Week: 'tis the SEAson 


2014: By the Numbers
Click here for an overview of our year.  It includes Turtles, Turtle Trots, Turtle Nests, and more!

Closings: We'll be closed for programs through December 28th.
Of course Turtle Central Gift Shop will be open daily from 10am - 4pm and 24/7 online.  We will have very special winter programming December 29th - December 31st.  We hope you can join us and if not, we will see you next year!

Birds are Dinosaurs: Didn't you know?
via Newsweek
The dinosaurs were obliterated 66 million years ago.  But birds (and certain reptiles) managed to survive that massive extinction, evolving and flourishing into the most species-rich class of vertebrates on Earth.

Sea Turtles v Michael Phelps: Who would win in a race?
And more information from the National Aquarium's video on Sea Turtles, watch below.

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