Become the Next Generation

The Next Generation Club is open to children 18 and under who are eager to learn and lead with the Bald Head Island community. Joining the Next Generation Club is the first step in living out the BHI Conservancy mission.

Club members will receive a checklist of activities, which they can check off to keep track of their stewardship of the environment. 
We’d love to keep track of your progress. If you check off an item on your list, please email  to let us know!

The Club is designed to immerse your child into an environmental learning experience from a distance, and teach them how they can make a difference starting in their own home.


Please put the name of your Next Generation member(s) in the comment box below.





Record the weather where you are, then compare it to the weather on Bald Head Island using this weather station !


  • Sign up for  eBird  and report your bird sightings! 
  • Sign up for  iNaturalist  and report your wildlife sightings!


  • If you plan on hosting a trash cleanup in your area, feel free to stop by and borrow our buckets at the information desk at the Conservancy or at Turtle Central.
  • To volunteer at the BHI Conservancy, please email
  • Check out the National Parks near you!
  • To learn more about our efforts to eliminate light pollution and increase sea turtle safety on our beaches, visit /
  • Be sure to only use a reusable water bottle and check this simple task off of your list! Need a new bottle? Here are some great ones!
  • Take a look at these island wildlife photos for some inspiration on your own painting and drawing masterpieces! 
  • Check out our online Library for ideas on great books to read for all ages! 

When you join the Next Generation Club, you will receive our new signature Bald Head Island Conservancy bracelet, the Next Generation bracelet. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of the mission and vision of the BHI Conservancy, and let it inspire those around you to make a difference within their own homes and communities.

The Next Generation Club Member of the Month will be featured in a monthly newsletter and on social media. To be featured, please email a description and picture of the club member to .

Please send all questions about the Next Generation Club to .