Thad Wester Fishing School

October 4th - 6th, 2019

Weekend Preview

Friday: Fishing School begins at 1:00PM in the Barrier Island Study Center with instruction by Professors of the Piscatorial Arts and Fishing School Alumni.  After  time in the classroom with the lesson plan below, the day will conclude with an  evening social, where appetizers and beverages will be provided.  Participants may bring a guest to Friday's social for $20 per additional person.   

Fishing Identification    Where to Fish on BHI    Hooks, Baits & Bait Rigging    Knots, Knot Tying & Leaders    Surf Rods & Reels    Weights, Lines & Casting    Releasing & Conservation    Fishing with Kids    Fishing Safety

Saturday: Fishing will begin at 7:45AM on the beach.  Lunch will be provided.  The day will conclude with a fish fry, where participants will eat what they caught during the day!  Awards will be presentated at the fish fry.  Participants may bring a guest to Saturday's dinner for $25 per additional person.

Sunday: The crew will again head out to the beach at 7:45AM.  Fishing School will conclude at 11:00AM.

Fishing School

October 4th - 6th, 2019


Adults:  $300  |  Children (9-12):  $150*
Friday Night Guest:  $20  •  Saturday Night Guest:  $25

*Children must be accompanied by an adult


"The teachers were great and I learned a lot even though I have fished all my life. The interns did a wonderful job. The lunch, socials, and dinner were great. What a great event and way to meet people!!" —Brady Anderson

"I have a ton of passion for the parent/child partner involvement in Thad Wester’s Fishing School.  I think that was part of his original intent...It’s so much more than just fishing.  What a gift that I’ve been a part of that."  - Steve Montgomery, Instructor