FAQs for Memberships & Turtle Walks

As a member of the BHI Conservancy, you help to support our mission as we Discover, Learn, Conserve and Preserve. To thank you for purchasing your membership, you will be gifted with Turtle Walk Passes!  

Q:  Who is my membership for?
A:  Membership benefits, which are outlined on our website, will be good for two named adults and all children, this includes adult children and grandchildren. Membership benefits do not go beyond the extended family. Other family members can receive a member "friends and family" 10% discount on programs.
Q:  Can I bring a non-family member on my turtle walk?
A:  Yes, as a member you can purchase up to two Turtle Walk Guest passes, the pass is good for a friend, babysitter or extended family member to join your family. A maximum of 2 guest passes can be purchased per membership.
Q:  Can I give my pass to a friend?
A:  No, Turtle Walk passes are non-transferable and can only be utilized by those individuals included in your membership.
Q:  Who needs a Turtle Walk pass to attend a Turtle Walk? Are kids included free?
A: Each individual, adult or child, who attends an evening Turtle Walk must have their own Turtle Walk pass and be individually registered for a walk. Children 2 and under are included for free.  For example, if your membership allows you 6 Turtle Walks passes, 6 individuals may attend one Turtle Walk.
Q:  Will we see a turtle?
A:  We cannot guarantee we will see sea turtle activity on any given night. We never know exactly when or where a nesting sea turtle may emerge or when exactly a nest will hatch. We hope you will see sea turtles, but some nights we are not lucky.

Q:  The Turtle Walk is full on the night my family wanted to go/the week my family is visiting BHI. What do I do?
A:  We are happy to add your name to our Turtle Walk waitlist for one specific night or for an entire week, though we cannot guarantee space will open up for your family. To be added to the waitlist,  please contact Melissa Blackmon at  melissa@bhic.org

Q:  Do I have to use all of my Turtle Walk passes on one night?
A:  No, you can utilize your Turtle Walk passes on as many different turtle walks as you would like, though each individual must have their own Turtle Walk pass per walk. For example, if your membership allows you 12 Turtle Walk passes and you have a family of 4, you may attend Turtle Walks on 3 different nights, space permitting.

Q:  There are only 2 spots left for a turtle walk, but there are 3 members in my family. Can we all join?
A:  No. We only have enough space for “X” number of people. If there are more than “X” number of people in your group, not everyone will be able to join.

Q:  What do I need to bring on the night of my Turtle Walk?
A:  You do not need to print tickets for your Turtle Walk. We will have a list of everyone registered prior to each Turtle Walk and will have confirmed your membership and Turtle Walk pass availability beforehand. We encourage all Turtle Walk participants to bring bug spray and a blanket or chair for the beach. You may optionally bring a flashlight. We have red cellophane we can hand out to cover any white light and make it sea-turtle friendly.

Q:  What might we see?
A:  Depending on the time of year, we may see a female sea turtle nesting and laying her ~100 eggs (May - early August) or a nest hatching (late July - October).

Q:  What happens if we don’t see a sea turtle?
A:  We always invite you to join us on future Turtle Walks! You can upgrade your membership for additional Turtle Walk passes if you would like. Some members join us on several Walks before seeing their first sea turtle.

Q:  Will you have Turtle Walks in September?
A:  Depending on the nesting season, Turtle Walks may extend into September. We advise you to check the registration page periodically.

Q:  When should I register for my Turtle Walk?
A:  As soon as you know the dates you are available. Due to COVID-19, we have limited the number of people allowed on a walk.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Melissa Blackmon, Director of Development, at melissa@bhic.org