Past Intern Projects

Each summer, interns are asked to complete a research project and present the results to the BHI Community. Below you can find archived presentations.


Tasneem Ahsanullah: Diamondback Terrapin Conservation on Bald Head Island

Faith Bradshaw Carbon Sequestration Potential of the BHI Salt Marsh Ecosystem - How Seasons Affect Primary Production and Species Diversity

Tim Chisholm: Extreme Weather Impacts on Tidal Creeks Within Bald Head Island

Clara Dawson:   Where & When - Coyote observations and predation assessment

Ella Doud: Dead Things and Drawings - Studying roadkill and creating an activity booklet for Next Generation Club

Emily Hendrickson: Searching for Knowledge - Creating New Opportunities for Education and Citizen Science

Emma Jones No Nests Here - Effects of beach nourishment on loggerhead sea turtle false crawl density

Eric Plessett:   The Living Shell - Diversity of the epibiotic ecosystem on loggerhead sea turtle carapaces

Allison Polinski:  Insect Identification - Mapping Biodiversity and Species Richness on Bald Head Island

Emily Prins:  A Day in the Life of the Bald Head Island Conservancy - a Documentary Short Film

Phoenix Spivey: Bald Head Island’s Salt Marsh Composition - Implication for Carbon Sequestration

Abigail Steele:   Out of the Surf - Water quality parameters as a cue for loggerhead sea turtle nesting

Karlee Szympruch:   Between the Calipers - An assessment of neophyte and re-migrant offspring size


Brianna Fragata: Recycling on Bald Head Island 

Olivia Thomas: Picture BHI



Adrianna Burrows and Rylie MacDonald: Sea Turtle Nesting Density Shifts 

Kristen Garvey: Turtle Central Online Updated

Cameron Good: Increasing Student-Centeredness for Reptile-Round up

Nancy Goodes and Sarah Tolve: Creative Collaborations

Caylie Harris: New and Improved Educational Programs

Jules Ofalt and Alli Schumacher:  Abundance and Species Richness of Shorebirds on Bald Head Island, NC

Bridget Williams: The Hatchling Nature Quiz



Mariah Cox: Environmental Task Force Sustainability Intiative and Sustainability Education

Will Freund & Lauren Weinstock: Oyster Spat Restoration on Bald Head Island

Erin Lyons, Danielle Meeker & Carrie Zamonski: Assessment of artificial light pollution in relation to Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) on Bald Head Island, North Carolina

McKenna Koons, Keara Sullivan & Mallory Umling: Initiating Litter Cleanup on BHI


Alexandra Alterman: A Study on the Posible Correlation Between Sand Compaction and the Success of Hatchling Emergence

Liam Batchelder & Elizabeth Bertolini: Oyster Restoration

Rueben Gilbertson & Ashley Meade: An Ecological Review of Conspicuous Epibiotic Species on Nesting Caretta Caretta at Bald Head Island, NC

Ansley Hamilton: BHI Conservancy Audience Analysis

Lauryn Kabrich: Ibis Pond: A Case Study in Eutrophication

Travis Leonard: Standard Operation Manual of BISC Research Tanks

Sarah Lundy, Kelsey Ruehling & Maria Weston: Rodent Camera Trap Protocol Evaluation

Meg Pritchard: BHIC Programming: A Survey


Will Benfield & Paul Willeboordse: Life's a Beach! Relocation of Sea Turtle Nests on Bald Head Island Through the Years...

Nick Colle: Institute of Museum and Library Services Grant

Jessica Hernandez: Potential Bacterial & Fungal Nest Pathogens of Caretta caretta

Amanda Kelley: The Smith Island Land Trust: Standardizing Property Assessments and Prioritizing Future Acquistitions

Mary Martin: Offshore Wind Farms and Bald Head Island

Hales Parcells: Something Fishy on BHI: Using a Mermaid Persona as an Education Tool

Molly Scanga: Sea Turtles of Bald Head Island

Alex Smith: Jellyfish or Plastic Bag?  A Deadly Guessing Game

Kat Tregaskis: The Kent Mitchell Trail

Maryle Triggs: True Colors: An Overview and Color and Heat Capacity Variations Across a Barrier Island


Giancarlo Coppola: Analysis of potential vectors of Serratia marcescens as a Caretta caretta nest pathogen

Abigail Dwire: Predator/Prey dynamics: methodology for surveying the coyote population on the Smith Island Complex

Amy Eldredge: The Effectiveness of BHIC's Sea Turtle Nest Relocation Practices

Emily Hardin: The Slope of Our Beaches and How it Affects Sea Turtle Nesting

Colleen McGilvray: Determining the proportion of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal (AMF) colonization in dune plants

Joe Seebode: Sea Turtle Injuries on Bald Head Island and their Effects on Fecundity

Matt Silinski: North Carolina Coastal Policy

Brittany Sumner: Bald Head Island Small Mammal Survey

Sara Thompson: Native Plant Garden


Jared Chrisp: Nutritional desposition by nesting Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) enhances dune resilience

Brenna Gormally: The Epibionts on Caretta caretta Shells on Bald Head Island, NC

Heather Hoffman: Beach Norishment and its Effect on Sex Determination of Loggerhead Hatchlings

Alyssa Randall: Spatial Patterns of Sea Turtle Nests on Bald Head Island, NC Using Geographic Information Science

Taisha Rocha: Active in Science!

Sam Sanders: Effects of Slope on Natural Light Intensity and How it Effects Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nests

Kelsey Wydendorf: Using Technology as an Environmetnal Education Tool

Paula Ziadi: Composting 101



Emily Chapin: Beginning a Demonstration Garden - Discovering the benefits of native plants and educating visitors on local gardening

Amanda Corll: An Analysis of Plastic Debris on South and East Beaches

Brooke Davis: Place Attachment and Environmentally Responsible Behavior As A Result of Participation in BHIC Programs

Jennie LaRoche: Affects of Physical Characteristics of Bald Head Island Beaches on Shorebird Diversity and Populations

Pete McCall: Analysis of Metals in Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus) in Bald Head Creek

Michael Perez: Kiosk Effectiveness Regarding Public Awareness of Flora and Fauna on BHI

Ryan Walsh: How the geotextile groins affect surfzone fishes and invertebrate abundance