Island Wildlife

Injured Wildlife on BHI?  Call 910-457-0089 x 5

Bald Head Island's unique environment allows the BHI Conservancy to act as a living library to foster appreciation, deepen knowledge, and encourage stewardship of the environment through various family and student activities.  Click the boxes above to view the popular species on Bald Head Island.

Activity Sheets for Kids that correspond with all of our BHI wildlife:

Beach Species Coloring Sheet  |  Ocean Habitat Word Scramble
Salt Marsh Crossword Puzzle  |  Maritime Forest Scavenger Hunt

With the variety of wildlife on BHI, there is always something new to see or learn.  Visit our event calendar to see what you can discover at the Conservancy.


Have you seen the QR codes around our campus?  These links all lead to virtual informational posters created by 2019 Summer Interns Sydney Goldstein and Grace Lackmann for their intern project. They can be accessed via scanning QR codes with a smartphone camera located at each exhibit around campus!  

You can also see the QR code posters below:

Box Turtles  |  Corn Snakes  |  Dunes and Beach  |  Maritime Forest  |  Model Loggerhead  |  Mud Turtles  |  Salt Marsh  |  Saltwater Tanks  |  Tidal Tanks  |  Yellow-Bellied Sliders