Lights Out Tee

Turtle Central - Lights Out Tee

Quick Overview

We're so excited to launch our new "Lights Out For Sea Turtles" tees! Did you know baby sea turtles hatch at night and use the light of the moon and the stars reflection on the water to find their way to the ocean? Bright lights can disorient them and they can lose their way. We're on a mission here at BHIC to make sure every hatchling makes its way to the ocean and lives a long, full life!

Tees colors are Sky Blue or Lime Green. Size 2XL is available for $24.00.

How can I help the sea turtles?

  • Stop by the Conservancy for some red cellophane to put over your flashlight. Turtles are disoriented by white light, but can’t see red light!
  • Fill in holes on the beach and pack up your beach equipment. Turtles can easily fall into holes or run into your beach gear if left overnight.
  • Always remember your reusable shopping bags to help reduce the use of plastic.
  • Participate in BHI Conservancy Programs - as a non-profit, all proceeds from programs go directly back to serving our mission of conservation, education, and preservation.
  • Adopt a sea turtle nest!
  • Attend our excavations!  See our excavation schedule here.

If you see a nesting or injured sea turtle on the beach, please call our Wildlife Emergency Hotline at 910-457-0089 x 5